Parent Hub

Working in partnership with our parents are carers sits at the heart of what we do at Heronshaw. Sharing information and storing it centrally in this hub page supports our families in keeping up to date. You can find essential information about all items on the left hand side of this page.

If you feel that there is something additional that you would like to see included in our website then please message the school using the 'Parental Feedback' page.

Communication - introducing MyChildAsSchool MCAS

Our main system for communication is ‘MyChildAtSchool’ which runs through Bromcom, our school database.  

‘MyChildAtSchool’ sometimes referred to as MCAS contains all information that parents need in one app for your smartphone or digital device. It can also be accessed through the web. 

Why have we changed to this? 

Parents regularly request information that is texted or emailed out. Feedback highlighted that the volume of texts and emails could be burdensome. The MCAS app contains everything in one place. Parents can now view the school calendar, see past notifications/letters as well as pay for clubs and events through the app.  

How do I receive information? 

We ask all parents to download the app. This will be our primary source of sharing information. Attached are quick guides for downloading the app. When you have downloaded MCAS you will be able to manage your own notifications. This means that if you want to have alerts via text, etc then you can select that for yourself. 

School ID: 13028