Science is led by Mrs Zastron.

At Heronshaw school science is a core subject within our curriculum.  This is taught within our projects.  We aim to give our pupils an excellent first experience of science to inspire them to develop their scientific knowledge as well as developing an understanding of why it matters and the skills needed to continue to investigate and discover science for themselves.   

We aim to provide our pupils with a  broad range of scientific opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, whilst following the year group specific units set out in the national curriculum.  Across the school, we aim to develop a sense of awe, wonder, excitement and curiosity towards science and the role it plays in developing their understanding of the living world around them. Scientific knowledge becomes established through scientific enquiry and exploration.  We therefore ensure our pupils take part in a wide range of purposeful, practical and interactive  science investigations to ensure that they grow in knowledge and skills.  Our children are given opportunities to ask questions about what they observe, learn and understand.  We place great value on developing our children’s scientific vocabulary which is built up  across the year groups, ensuring our children are able to confidently articulate what they understand.   The process of “Working Scientifically” – ask simple questions, observe and classify, perform simple tests, identify and classify, gather and record data to help in answering questions and to use  observations and ideas to suggest answers to  questions - are cultivated through our entire curriculum and influence all science teaching throughout our school.   At Heronshaw school key scientific skills are revisited over time so that children can know more, do more and remember more. We believe that this will develop a love of science and give our children a sense of achievement and a solid foundation to enter the next key stage. 

Below you will find links to key documents. 

The progression grid shows the key knowledge and skills that are taught from Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 1. Our progression grids also highlight the next steps in the educational journey, therefore include Year 3 expectations.

How do I know what my child is being taught at Heronshaw?

We deliver curriculum information meetings for parents. Presentation slideshows are saved under the Year Group drop down menus.

In addition to this, each year group produces an 'Overview of Learning' that is also saved under Year Groups.

Every subject under the Curriculum tab has detailed 'progression grids' which show the full curriculum that Heronshaw has designed for our pupils.

If parents have any questions and would like to know more then we welcome this. Please speak to a member of the team.