In teaching computing at Heronshaw school we aim to instill a love of technology in all our children and inspire them to be responsible digital citizens. Through our use of subject mantras, children grow in their understanding of what it means to be a programmer.  We expose children to the wide range of technology in the Early Years through to Key Stage 1 and how it forms part of our lives and the lives of everybody in the world around us.  

We aim to provide a computing curriculum which teaches the essential subject knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum Computing Programmes of Study. This is then carefully planned within our bespoke, spiral, project-based curriculum, allowing the children to develop their understanding of computer science, IT and digital literacy as they move through the school.  

Our computing lessons inspire creativity, using different digital devices, programmable resources and online programs. Subject specific vocabulary is taught and regularly revisited each lesson and children are encouraged to use this in their learning. Opportunities are planned to ensure cross curricular links are made and allows the children to develop a deeper understanding of technology through the full curriculum. Children talk about their new knowledge in each lesson and constantly revisit prior learning. Children then use their new knowledge and skills and demonstrate their achievements in their end of unit outcome.  


Below you will find links to key documents. 

The progression grid shows the key knowledge and skills that are taught from Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 1. Our progression grids also highlight the next steps in the educational journey, therefore include Year 3 expectations.

How do I know what my child is being taught at Heronshaw?

We deliver curriculum information meetings for parents. Presentation slideshows are saved under the Year Group drop down menus.

In addition to this, each year group produces an Overview of Learning that is also saved under Year Groups.

Every subject under the Curriculum tab has detailed Progression Grids which show the full curriculum that Heronshaw has designed for our pupils.

If parents have any questions and would like to know more then we welcome this. Please speak to a member of the team.