Religious Education is led by Mrs Andrews.


As the UK has a rich heritage of culture and diversity, religion and belief for many people, Religious Education (RE) forms a crucial part of their culture and diversity. 

Here at Heronshaw, we celebrate and value our diverse community and feel it is important that our teaching and learning of RE promotes a growing understanding of this diversity, an understanding and tolerance that everyone is different and to inspire them to be curious about others.  

 We aim to develop our children’s knowledge and understanding of principal religions, religious traditions and worldviews.  RE also contributes to our childrens’ personal development and wellbeing and we aim to grow mutual respect and tolerance in a diverse society, thus resulting in community cohesion, a key Heronshaw value.  

We have chosen to follow the Milton Keynes Agreed Syllabus for RE and to focus on Christianity and Judaism in our infant school. The focus of this learning is around celebrations and festivals, naturally building from the Early Years Foundation Stage. Every child will have the opportunity to visit a local place of worship in addition to the annual visit to our local church for the Harvest festival. Although we focus on Christianity and Judasim, we recognise that our community is far more culturally diverse than this. As a school we celebrate key celebrations and festivals for the other key faiths and those that are part of our community, for example Islam and Hinduism.  

Our RE curriculum is a progressive, spiral curriculum, allowing children to build on their prior knowledge, skills and vocabulary as they grow in understanding and appreciation of the world around them. This, alongside our PSHE and values driven Personal Development curriculum, allows our children to grow into respectful citizens of the modern and diverse world they live in.  

Below you will find links to key documents. 

The progression grid shows the key knowledge and skills that are taught from Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 1.

How do I know what my child is being taught at Heronshaw?

We deliver curriculum information meetings for parents. Presentation slideshows are saved under the Year Group drop down menus.

In addition to this, each year group produces an Overview of Learning that is also saved under Year Groups.

Every subject under the Curriculum tab has detailed Progression Grids which show the full curriculum that Heronshaw has designed for our pupils.

If parents have any questions and would like to know more then we welcome this. Please speak to a member of the team.