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"Our student council are taking responsibility for developing their own ideas and improvements this year, guided by Mrs Calder".

Our children are the most important people in our amazing school!  So it is essential their views are heard.

Our student council is made up of 6 members of the school, with 2 from each year group. These members were chosen and voted for by their year group during October when all children had the opportunity to put forward a manifesto with suggestions for why they would be a fantastic student council member for Heronshaw school. Our 6 successful candidates were celebrated at the end of the first half term with their pin badge worn with pride for all to see across the school.

Our student council members meet up regularly, with meetings held once a week to discuss issues and upcoming events in the school that they and their fellow classmates would like addressing.

Every child in the school has a voice, which can be heard through speaking to their student council representative directly or else making a suggestion in the suggestion box, which is readily available in the school hall. Each suggestion is read through and discussed during the weekly meetings, with discussions ranging from furthering school provision and practice, to focusing their attention on larger issues such as recycling and its importance for climate change.


Say hello to our wonderful student council members for 2021-2022.

Janat, Caleb, Thomas, Kate, Rose and Jude.

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"I was so impressed to be invited to a student council meeting in December 2021. I can see that they are going to get a lot done this academic year!" Mr Ainscow

Student Council meetings

Mrs Calder meets regularly with the student council. You can access the minutes from those meetings below. If your child has ideas for the student council to explore then they can pass it on to a student council member.