Heronshaw school is proud to be part of the Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL) family of schools.

The IFtL family vision and values are fundamental to our culture of working collaboratively and celebrating each other.

IFtL is based in the rapidly expanding Milton Keynes. We have 14 schools in our trust within Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire (March 2021). Each school has its own unique identity and personality. However, we all share the same core goal: to strive to provide a world-class education provision for all children.

Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL), is a trust established by educationalists, with improving outcomes for children at the heart of all we do.

IFtL is committed to developing a family of schools whose purpose is to inspire the futures of their children through learning.

Who share the same values and ethos;

  • Where independent, articulate thinkers and learners have the confidence to achieve their ambitions.
  • Where the team is constantly in the pursuit of development and excellence every day.
  • Where teachers of the future come to learn and develop their careers.
  • We are creating schools where children, staff and the wider community thrive in an atmosphere of opportunity and challenge, where they learn with and from each other, and where their ideas are valued and respected so that they develop. We are inspired to achieve excellence in all we do.

Please click the links below to view IFtL trust-wide policies, key information and the IFtL website:


Contact Details for IFtL -

IFtL Trust Offices
c/o Fairfields Primary School, Milton Keynes, MK11 4BA

Contact Number - 01908 533283