The school day (opening hours)

Open from 08:40 until 15:10 (Monday-Friday).
*Open 32.5 hours per week.

Statutory hours (children expected to be in school) from 08:55 until 15:10 (Monday to Friday).
*31.25 statutory hours per week.

Children are expected to be in school every day. At Heronshaw we work hard to ensure this is the case for all children. As we are sure you are aware that children who come to school regularly make far better progress. Anyone who does not come to school for whatever reason, should call in to the office on a daily basis (by 9am latest). It will then be decided by the school team if the reason is an authorised absence, for example sickness or unauthorised. If any child is absent without a phone call you will receive a call within an hour of school starting. If we are unable to contact you we will work down the list of contacts, send a text message and carry out a home welfare visit if necessary. These absences are at risk of being unauthorised and will be formally recorded.

Attendance is monitored weekly. If your child’s attendance drops below 96% you will receive a letter encouraging you to work with the school to improve it. This is referred as being 'at risk of persistent absence’. If an improvement is not being made and it drops further you will be invited in for the attendance panel with the head teacher and a governor.

Attendance that drops below 90% is persistent absence. We monitor these cases under 'Attendance Watch' and a meeting with school will be arranged to set short term actions and to discuss support.

Punctuality is also monitored weekly, including both drop off and pick up times. The attendance policy details all steps taken to support in maintaining good attendance at school.

We hope to work closely with you, in order to ensure your child makes the best progress and takes full advantage of the opportunities offered to them.