At Heronshaw children have the opportunity in KS1 to apply to become a Heronshaw Playground Buddy (for lunchtimes).

This is an important role to have within the school. These children perform different tasks such as, looking after children who are lonely, upset or hurt, playing a variety of games, helping the lunch time supervisors and awarding children for good behaviour by handing out our behaviour tokens. The children are easily seen by other children and adults by wearing a blue hat, blue high visibility vest and a blue drawstring bag. Each day the buddies are given a specific role; you can find them helping Mrs. Kibby in the dinner hall, looking after the children on the buddy bench, leading group games or assisting the lunch time supervisors in the cloakroom.


How can I be a Heronshaw Buddy?

To become a Buddy all you need to do is to fill in an application form and hand it into your teacher. Ask Mrs Zastron about more details if your child is interested.