Welcome to Heronshaw School. It is a school for which I am extremely proud. Over the years the team at Heronshaw has accomplished so much, most notably our Outstanding Ofsted in February 2016. Where Ofsted commented:

“Emanating from the headteacher’s strong example, staff have very high expectations of themselves and pupils. These expectations propel the work of the staff who ceaselessly strive to make the experiences pupils have, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, as good as they can be”

We have maintained our strong focus on children and their families, ensuring a settled a positive start to school life for each and every child. Which has ensured the best outcomes for all children.

Heronshaw has often been praised for the warm and welcoming atmosphere and for the way that staff work in partnership with parents, listening and acting on any concerns. We fully understand that happy children will always learn better and strive to ensure this will be your experience.

Melanie Saunders-Short
Executive Headteacher


Heronshaw may be a small school, but it has a big personality where children develop as individuals learning through our set of Heronshaw values. In January 2019, Heronshaw joined IFtL, a growing academy trust in Milton Keynes. As part of this new family of schools we continue to develop innovative learning experiences for the children.

Together we aim to maintain the school’s vision of “Inspire, Grow, Achieve” this has been made achievable through our open door policy and strong links with the community, while ensuring the highest possible standards.

The school continues to deliver a well-planned and child centred curriculum that both challenges and engages children in their learning while deepening and extending their knowledge.

“Teaching, learning and assessment across the school are of a very high quality; much outstanding, including in the early years setting. This is because improving teaching is placed at the heart of the school’s work. Teachers view themselves as professional learners; they ceaselessly seek to improve their practice.” OFSTED 2016.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Jamie Ainscow
Head of School