The expectation aHeronshaw is that all children come in uniform, this creates a feeling of community within school. 

The uniform can be worn all year round. We do not have different expectations for winter and summer. Branded items are not expected and generic alternatives can be worn, this means that a range of shops can be used to buy uniform. If you need help, please contact the school office.

New uniform update

From September we are introducing an active uniform for Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the survey on a proposed change of uniform. It was overwhelmingly positive, with 86% of parents voting for a change to an active uniform. The plans have been shared with our governors and therefore from September we will begin the active uniform.

The active uniform would consist of;

 -plain black joggers/leggings or sports shorts in the Summer months

-a yellow polo shirt

-a navy Heronshaw or navy school jumper or cardigan

- black trainers.

As per our current policy, there will be no requirement for the uniform to have the school logo, but we will work with our uniform provider to ensure logo options are available for those who wish to purchase them.

The rationale for active uniform is as follows:

1. Having one uniform rather than a different one for PE days is cheaper for parents and carers.

2. School shoes are expensive and often do not appropriately support ankles for running, jumping and climbing, leading to potential injury.

3. Young children should be comfortable and uniform often causes those with sensory needs some difficulties.

4. As an infant school, our curriculum is very active. In Foundation and Year 1, children follow an enhanced provision model. All the way through the school, our ethos is that children do not have to be sat at a table to learn. Outdoor learning is a huge feature of our curriculum and occasionally formal uniform can hinder this.

5. Children are in sandpits, digging in the mud and building agility courses at break time and lunchtime.

6. Flexibility in the timetable to change PE days should we have other events that clash i.e. school trips/visits.

*Please note that items with the school logo are optional. Heronshaw School is aware of the cost of uniform and increasing cost of living. We sometimes have good quality ‘previously owned’ uniform available for free. Please speak to the school office if you would like support in sourcing uniform.

Our school uniform is available from and they have a shop at Unit A Lennox Road, Bletchley, MK2 2HH. Telephone 01908 417142. School clothing without a logo can be purchased from most supermarkets. If you are having any trouble with uniform, please call the school office and let us know. 


'At Kedaph Schoolwear, we offer excellent services to schools and parents purchasing School Uniforms and Accessories. We work with many schools and offer parents quality uniforms at competitive prices. We have choice of services to ensure schools get excellent uniform supply that's perfect for them and parents don't hassle to purchase uniforms'.      (Kedaph website, 2019)