Music is led by Jenny Calder.

A rich and diverse music education is fundamental to helping unlock a child’s creative potential. At Heronshaw School we believe that music inspires and drives our children into becoming holistic, well-rounded individuals. Our music curriculum is set out to allow children a broad range of musical experiences, creating a foundation to explore their talents and passions. 

Supporting moral development is imperative for our music curriculum, using it to show children that different opinions need to be respected and valued; this may be personal likes and dislikes, but also to do with the history or ways of production of music. As well as being a major part in celebrating spiritual celebrations, including that of major religions, we use music in meditative and well-being practises at Heronshaw School to boost well-being. In exposing children to the power of collaborative working, when undertaking musical performance arts, social development is built. Music is accessed throughout the day at school; from coming into school in the morning, in the hall during lunch time, to school assemblies and after school clubs. Music allows children to grow and develop their social skills, by communicating their shared experiences and discussing the range of emotions music is able to evoke. We strive to ensure that music is an inherently cultural and social experience at Heronshaw School. Through theatre visits, extracurricular music groups and activities our children have the opportunity to deepen their cultural development.   


Our music curriculum, delivered by Junior Jam, is designed to enable our children to grow throughout their musical experience; with a range of theory delivery and practical instrumental practice. Focusing on the three core subjects, ‘Music Theory with Keyboards’, ‘Songwriting with Glockenspiels’ and ‘Singing’ are delivered across three half terms throughout the year. The remaining three half terms are instrument focused in order to ensure pupils have the opportunity to perform on a variety of tuned and untuned instrumentation from a wide range of different cultures. To ensure that the curriculum is progressive and differentiated, the three core subjects our children study are year group specific. Lesson plans are written with the spiral curriculum focus and delivered through weekly 1 hour music lessons to continue the growth, development, and progression of our musicians across their time at Heronshaw School.  

In ensuring we have provided our children with a rich and full music curriculum we ensure that our pupils will have achieved a wide range of musical experiences by the time they leave Heronshaw School and have developed their musical understanding in order to continue their musical journey in the future. 

Below you will find links to key documents. 

The progression grid shows the key knowledge and skills that are taught from Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 1. Our progression grids also highlight the next steps in the educational journey, therefore include Year 3 expectations.

How do I know what my child is being taught at Heronshaw?

We deliver curriculum information meetings for parents. Presentation slideshows are saved under the Year Group drop down menus.

In addition to this, each year group produces an Overview of Learning that is also saved under Year Groups.

Every subject under the Curriculum tab has detailed Progression Grids which show the full curriculum that Heronshaw has designed for our pupils.

If parents have any questions and would like to know more then we welcome this. Please speak to a member of the team.