We are delighted to launch our Facebook page. Our page will be used to celebrate news and success in school.

Follow the link to access our Facebook page. You can ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ to see all the latest updates.


Please note that by accessing our page you are agreeing to the ‘Code of Conduct’ which can be found here on the page.

Heronshaw School’s

– Please ensure that you continue to use our ‘open door’ policy when you wish to speak to the school.
– This page is an information and news page only.
– If you do have an issue or wish to make a complaint regarding any aspect of school life, issues should be addressed through official school channels rather than posting them on social networking sites.
– Use the comments facility respectfully.
– Never post malicious, misleading or unfair content.
– Do not post anything that is obscene, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory to an individual, brand or entity.
– Do not post comments that you would not say directly to another person and consider how other people might react before you post.
– Comments are not made about any child or children, parents or member of staff.
– Behave with mutual respect for one another.
– Do not post pictures of children other than your own children, on any other social networking sites or pages, where these photographs have been taken at a school event.
– Parents should not post malicious or fictitious comments on social networking sites about any member of the school community.

If you are unable to adhere to the above, you will be contacted by the School, (please see below for more information). If this then continues there is a possibility that you will be blocked from the page and if inappropriate behaviour continues, the page will be removed.
In the case of inappropriate use of our Facebook page, any comments may be ‘hidden’ or ‘deleted’ by the school, if deemed appropriate to do so.
The School and Governing Body may contact the parent asking them to remove such comments and seek redress through the appropriate channels such as the Complaints Policy and will send a letter. The School and Governing Body understands that “There are circumstances in which police involvement is appropriate’.