The search for the Highway Rat continues with a trip from our local PCSO

As part of our English fiction writing this half term Year 2’s are studying The Highway Rat, by Julia Donaldson. To enhance and develop our writing at Heronshaw we insert inspire lessons into our weekly English lessons which serve to encourage our children to come together, share experiences, develop ideas and language to stimulate high-quality writing.  

This Wednesday our Year 2s were treated to a visit by our local PCSO Jonathan Evans. He greeted our children in assembly as he had caught wind that there was a Highway Rat on the loose! Having stolen food from many creatures on his journey it had come to the attention of the police that The Highway Rat needed to be caught after many crimes had been committed! The children relished sharing what they already knew of the Rat’s journey and reported his crimes to the police.  

PCSO Evans spoke to the children about stealing, the role of a police officer, who keeps our children safe and how what other duties a PCSO undertakes in their daily routine. After his assembly there was a Q&A section where our children asked a variety of questions before going to visit PCSO Evans’ police car. They explored the features and functions of a police car and were wowed as he put the sirens on for the children! We can’t wait to see the fantastic writing that is achieved as a result of today’s inspiration lesson.