The life cycle of a butterfly!

Following from our text in English ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, the children were so engrossed and wanted to find out more.

We ordered our very own caterpillars which arrived in a little pot with some yummy food. The caterpillars quickly grew and began to climb up to the top, to begin their adventure in becoming a butterfly.

After a few days the caterpillars began their chrysalis. We waited for the their chrysalis’ to become strong and stable and then we carefully removed the lid and placed them into our butterfly net.

We left them over the weekend and we were welcomed back to 5 beautiful butterflies. The children were amazed to see the transformation! We have had some lovely conversations and writing from our children about the life cycle of butterflies.

After a few days of settling into their new lives and growing their strong wings, we decided they were ready to FLY!

The whole of foundation went onto the big playground to release the butterflies. One was a little shy and Miss Wilson needed to help the butterfly out. She was very excited!

The children all waved goodbye to the butterflies as they flew away into the distance.