Staff training: Introducing Jigsaw Curriculum

Mrs Outtram (Deputy Head) and Mrs Calder (Year 2 teacher and SMSC Champion) led staff professional development training this week. The focus was the introduction of Jigsaw education, a carefully crafted curriculum to develop children as well-rounded and reflective learners. Mrs Calder led a demo lesson for the staff and introduced the soft toy Jigsaw characters. The children will have great fun starting this new scheme this term.

Want to find out more about the curriculum?

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic) education is just as important to a child’s development as numeracy, English, science, etc. It’s important in these early years to grow a child’s mental and spiritual resilience as well as their academic skills. And that’s where Jigsaw education comes in – a carefully developed scheme of learning designed to greatly enhance your current curriculum.

The idea is simple – lesson plans and teaching activities and tools which can be utilised to create a positive learning environment. In essence, Jigsaw PSHE is intended to promote positive reinforcement by teaching students about themselves and the role they are to play in the wider world. These lessons help to develop social interactions while impacting learned behaviours.

Each plan is tailored to a specific age group and covers various aspects, including:

  • Emotional Literacy
  • Mindfulness
  • Relationships and Health Education
  • Social Skills
  • Spiritual Development

By placing each child’s role in the world into context, Jigsaw education better prepares them for life after school, and for the various obstacles they’ll encounter throughout life.