Rocksteady at Heronshaw

Yesterday afternoon the children across the school got an exciting invitation to attend a special assembly which featured Rocksteady! Tommy from Rocksteady came along to showcase what it takes to be in a band and wowed the children with demonstrations of instruments that they will be able to learn as part of an amazing music initiative launching next year here at Heronshaw.

Tommy oozed enthusiasm and talked the children through the different types of instruments and skills they would be seeing for the afternoon, and demonstrated some amazing tunes on the electric guitar, electric drum kit, electric keyboard and microphone.








At the end of this Tommy invited teachers to join him on the stage and we formed a teacher band! The audience named the band Charcoal Butterfly. Awesome band name! The children were fully involved in the assembly, and had the opportunity to cheer on their peers and teachers as we performed “We Will Rock You”.

Well done to Mrs. Rozzier, Mrs. Zastron and Miss Wilson for your bravery in performing in front of the whole school!

After the special whole school assembly Tommy led a workshop just for Year 1 and foundation, as they head towards their new year groups and will be able to take part in this initiative next year. This immersive workshop talked children through a typical Rocksteady lesson that would happen each week here at Heronshaw, where they would form a band with their peers, led by an experienced Rocksteady band leader.


The children will then learn how to play their chosen instrument and come together for an end of term showcase for parents to come and watch them perform on the stage. Tommy had the children rocking in their seats as he walked them through counting in beats of 4 and then chose a selection of volunteers to come and form a band on the stage. The children did a fabulous job and took to the stage with such pride! They played collaboratively together to George Ezra’s ‘Shotgun’ and the audience were singing along.






The bands may take different formats but the main structure available to fill is made up of the following musicians:

2 x electric guitar
2 x electric drums
2 x singers
2 x electric keyboards
1 x bass guitarist

If your child is interested in signing up to Rocksteady you should all have received a letter and log in with how to do so. Sign up has opened and spaces are already filling fast to form the 2 bands in year 2 next year and 2 bands in year 1.

What a fabulous launch for an exciting and musical start for next year. We can’t wait to see the mini-rockers in you!

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