Planetarium Experience for Year 1 and 2

Dr Skottfelt, one our parents and school governors came to Heronshaw school to lead an exciting first day this school year. Dr Skottfelt’s work is focussed on space and we were lucky enough that he could come and share his knowledge and skills with the Key Stage 1 children.

Here is an account from one of our Year 1 pupils:

“We went inside and we had to sit down. A man showed us about space. We looked at planets in our solar system. I know the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. I have a fact about Mars: It is a bit of a dead planet because scientists first thought that it looked like Earth. Before it turned red out had lots of water.

There was a machine and computer linked to a projector that showed all the solar system above our heads. The best bit was that I saw Uranus. It wasn’t that scary! It was tipped onto it’s side. When I am older I was to be a scientist all about the planets.”

Leonardo (Leopards class).