first day

Welcome back!

      We couldn’t wait to welcome back our Heronshaw community this morning and what an amazing start with welcome banners and music! Thank you to those parents who showed their appreciation this morning, it means a lot to know that the parents found it so special! We are delighted to have you all…

Can you guess which story Year 1 are working on in English?

Last week year 1 found some clues in their shared area! They found, porridge, a big bowl, a medium-sized bowl, a small bowl and three different chairs! The children looked at the clues and worked out that Goldilocks and the three bears had been eating porridge in the shared area!!

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Working hard!

Urte from Gorillas has been working incredibly hard at home! Well done!  

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Healthy foods!

Year 2 have loved learning about healthy eating and exercise in science this week. Look at our plates of healthy and non-healthy foods! We even did some snow dancing to get our hearts beating faster!  

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Snow fun!

Year 1 have been making the most of the snow this week! They particularly enjoyed sneaking up on Mrs Begum and taking snow selfies!      

Valentines art!

Year 2 have been making Valentine wreaths this week. Look at this beautiful creation from Rocco in Gorillas.    

Jasmine and Zainab

Ice kitchen!

The children in Foundation were playing in the mud kitchen today and renamed it ‘The ice kitchen’. They made ice castles out of the water that had frozen in the saucepans!  

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Snow snow snow!

Year 2 had lots of fun in the snow!! What a lovely way to start the week!

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Year 2 writing super stars!

This half term year 2 have been diving deep into the story of Cinderella, they have produced some amazing independent writing and the year 2 teachers are incredibly proud! Well done Year 2!  

Year 1 get creative!

In DT, Year 1 have been learning all about moving pictures in their lessons online and at school. They have explored different types of mechanisms including sliding, lever and wheel. Each week, the Year 1 teachers have been amazed by the children’s creations and willingness to try new challenges. This week the children had to…