Heronshaw went to panto! Oh yes we did!

Last week Heronshaw School enjoyed venturing to Milton Keynes Theatre for their first whole school trip since 2019! A wonderful time was had by all as the children clambered upon the coaches eager to get to the theatre.  

When we arrived, there was a buzz of excitement as the band struck up the start of the show. With pyrotechnics, bright lights, spectacular costumes and scenery the children were transported to the land of panto to enjoy the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. 

There was enjoyment and laughter had by all as Odd-Job and Muddles kept the audience entertained with their jokes, sweetie throwing and magic tricks. Whilst Snow White and Prince Harry showed how good will always triumph over evil, the children couldn’t help but boo and hiss the Evil Queen Dragonela as she tried to snatch Prince Harry for herself and poison Snow White.  

The highlight of the show for much of the school was when Mr Ainscow and Mrs Begum took to the stage as volunteers. Looking forward to their moment of fame, however, they were surprised to find they would be retelling a story and end up with foam pie in their faces!  

Grinning from ear to ear the children all returned to school, ice cream in our tummies and full of joy for how they’d spent the first day back at school for the new year!