Heronshaw and IFtL schools helping Ukraine appeal

This morning Heronshaw School joined forces with pupils and staff from some of our IFtL family of schools as one community. The appeal to support Ukraine at this very challenging time has had an overwhelming response from the parents at Heronshaw and beyond.

Mr Ainscow and Mrs Smith went with the fabulous student council team (Jude, Kate, Rose, Caleb, Jannat and Thomas) to help carry all the donated items into the sorting centre. The rooms were packed with everything from nappies, toiletries, cuddly toys, books, drawing pens and pencils, food, blankets and sleeping bags and so much more.

The children from our student council met friends from other IFtL school in Milton Keynes and Corby. They worked incredibly hard and represented our school so well. Mr Ainscow and Mrs Smith were very proud and really touched by the spirit of the morning.

Thank you to all parents and children who donated items. We know that this will have a huge positive impact on those families in need who will receive the many items that have been donated.