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This year the School Council is made up of a group of pupils from Year 2. Our school council members have been elected by their class to represent them on the School Council. The school council meet every 2 weeks to discuss upcoming events and news at Heronshaw. Read our blog below to find out what we will be doing.  

Every 2 weeks the children meet to discuss upcoming events and news at Heronshaw. Read our blog below to find out what we will be doing.


School Council

New School Council

Gemma Barnaby (mrslangford) on: School Council

On Friday in assembly the new members of the School Council stood up in celebration assembly and introduced themselves to the whole school. These children will be working alongside Mrs Langford every other week in council meetings. Have something you want to change about the school? Speak to your new school council team!

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Key stage 1 Garden

Gemma Barnaby (mrslangford) on: School Council

Today we have been very busy tidying and sorting out the garden area in Key Stage 1. We wanted to make the area more inviting for the children so they can come out and complete learning activities on the tables and benches. We also have come up with some ideas about how we can make the area even better. We are thinking of buying some new shelter boxes to keep the equipment dry, some more plants and some outdoor bean bags to sit on. We can't wait to use it now it is all clean and tidy.

Here is some pictures of us working hard to make the area better!

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Gemma Barnaby (mrslangford) on: School Council

This week we showed  Mrs. Chapman who is a member of our School Governing Board around the school. Mrs Chapman asked us lots of different questions about the school. We enjoyed showing her around and talking about our wonderful school. We also told Mrs. Chapman about our fundraising day and what we are planning for the rest of the year.

Soon Miss Barnaby is going to be asking the foundation stage teachers to pick a chid from each class to join our school council. I wonder who they will pick!

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Gemma Barnaby (mrslangford) on: School Council

This week the children have judged an E-safety compeition in Year 1. The children had made posters about the SMART rules for staying safe on the computer. The winners will be announced in the Friday assembly. The children also helped to choose new circle time questions for the playground and whole school tell me Tuesday questions.

The children have also been busy creating their own posters for our up and coming fundraising day.

Keep reading to find out more about the School Council

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Meeting Number 1

Gemma Barnaby (mrslangford) on: School Council

In the School Council we decided to ask the children in each of our classes if they would like to sing a song every time we have an assembly. The Council members went back to their classes and cast the vote.

The Council have decided that due to the majority of children wanting to sing we will now have a song to sing every assembly.

The School Council are busy deciding new ways of fundraising to get some money for each class. The children have come up with lots of ideas for creating funds.

Keep reading our blog to find out more!

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