Year 1 castle trip!

Year 1 enjoyed a fun-filled, historical trip the Kenilworth Castle! Kenilworth Castle is vast medieval fortress that endured a famous siege and later became an Elizabethan palace, Kenilworth Castle is among Britain’s biggest historical sites and Year 1 were lucky enough to explore this 900  year old building.

As part of our Topic “How to defend your castle” Year 1 put their knowledge to the test in their visit to Kenilworth castle. They enjoyed exploring the castle ruins and seeing the features they have been learning in depth about over this half term. We explored the battements, the Gatehouse and even ventured up the tallest part of the Tower the Leicester building.

To our amazement we were able to hold helmets and armour that would have been worn when the castle was being protected, we we able to peak through the arrow loops and imagine we were defending the castle from attack!

What a fantastic day! The children are fully equipped with the knowledge of how to depend a castle and the way castles changed over years to become as strong as possible.