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Home Learning

During the period of school closure please refer to this page for all learning activities that can be carried out at home. 

We also appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning whilst at home is not going to be easy and so we have gathered perfectly matched content for your child that can be completed both independently or with adult support.

A letter, dated 19th March 2020, was sent to all parents informing of what to expect during the closure. All children will be contacted by a member of staff to discuss work completed at home and for well-being check ins. 


Useful parenting documents about coronavirus

 Emotion Coaching - CONNECT COVID19 (002).pdfDownload
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Our YouTube channel was launched in March 2020 and it has been a huge success. Our channel contains our weekly celebration assemblies, story times, phonics lessons, maths activities and lots of other fun bits. Take a look here

Read below about the new competition for designing part or all of the new school that will be part of the IFtL trust. Closing date: - the deadline has been extended to 1st June 2020.

Competition: Design new school

Foundation Stage

Learning through play is a key element of your child's development. Focus on:

  • reading and talking about books to develop their early reading skills
  • count objects, pictures and practise simple word problems using items from around the house
  • write letters, words and numbers, encouraging your child to hold writing equipment correctly
  • use scissors and other handheld tools to develop fine motor skills
  • be active - let your child explore the outdoors 


Year 1

Your child can be supported at home in ways that encourage a love of learning. Reading at home with your child and spelling out words, decoding them together, is a beneficial way of supporting your child's learning. Try to pick stories that centre on their interests to keep it fun. 

Check the front and back of the reading book from school as there are often suggested activities for your child to do. 

  • practise reading words from the 2019 phonics screening check.
  • practise handwriting at home, keeping letters neatly sitting on the line. 
  • count in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. 
  • count objects, pictures and then record in equations.

Year 2

Please follow the links below for further home learning. The Home Learning links will take you directly to tasks within the Twinkl website. These tasks can be shared with your child and completed in their home learning book.

Please support your child to read and write the first 100 high frequency words and common exception words for their year group. 

Home Learning 13.7.20

 Home learning foundation 13.7.20.docxDownload
 home learning year 1.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 13.7.20.docxDownload
 Lesson-1 year 2-Telling-time-to-5-minutes.pdfDownload
 Lesson-1- Year 1Time-to-the-hour.pdfDownload
 Lesson-2- Year 2 Hours-and-days.pdfDownload
 Lesson-2-Year 1 Time-to-the-half-hour.pdfDownload
 Lesson-3- Year 1 Writing-time.pdfDownload
 Lesson-3- Year 2Find-durations-of-time.pdfDownload
 Lesson-4- Year 1Comparing-time.pdfDownload
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Home Learning 6.7.2020

 Home Learning Foundation.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 .docxDownload
 Memory book for Heronshaw Year 2.docDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-1-Find-a-half-1.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-2-Find-a-half-2.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-3-Find-a-quarter-1.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-4-Find-a-quarter-2.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Lesson-1-Litres.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Lesson-2-Temperature.pdfDownload
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Home learning 29.6.2020

 Home Learning Foundation.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2.docxDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-1-Ordering-numbers.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-2-Recognising-coins.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-3-Recognising-notes.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-4-Counting-in-coins.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Lesson-1-Measure-mass-in-grams.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Lesson-3-Compare-volume.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Lesson-4-Milliltres.pdfDownload
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Home Learning 22.6.20

 Home Learning Foundation.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 .docxDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-1-Counting-to-100.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-2-Partitioning-numbers.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-3-Comparing-numbers-1.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Lesson-4-Comparing-numbers-2.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Lesson-1-Measure-length-cm.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Lesson-2-Compare-lengths.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Lesson-3-Four-operations-with-lengths.pdfDownload
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Home Learning 15.6.2020

 Home Learning Foundation 15.6.20.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1 15.6.20.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 15.6.20.docxDownload
 Lesson 1 - Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 Make arrays 2020.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Make doubles 2020.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Sort 2D and 3D shapes.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Make equal groups - sharing 2020.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Merge 2D and 3D shapes.pdfDownload
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Home Learning 8.6.2020

 Home Learning Foundation 8.6.20.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1 8.6.20.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 8.6.20.docxDownload
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Home Learning 1.6.2020

 Home Learning Foundation 1.6.20.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1 1.6.20.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 1.6.20.docxDownload
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Home Learning Week 9

 Home learning foundation 18.5.20 .docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1 18.5.2020.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 18.05.2020 .docxDownload
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Home Learning Week 8

 Home Learning Foundation Week 8.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1 Week 8.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 8.docxDownload
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Home Learning Week 7

 Home Learning Foundation Week 7.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 7 (1).docxDownload
 Year 1 Home Learning Week 7.docxDownload
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Home Learning Week 6

 Home Learning Foundation Week 6.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1 Week 6.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 6 .docxDownload
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Home Learning Week 5

 Home Learning Foundation Week 5.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1 Week 5.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 5.docxDownload
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Home Learning Week 4

 Home Learning Foundation Week 4.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1 Week 4.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 4.docxDownload
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Home Learning Week 3

 Home Learning Foundation.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 1.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2.docxDownload
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Home Learning Week 2

 Home Learning Foundation week 2.docxDownload
 Home Learning Year 2 Week 2 .docxDownload
 Year 1 Home Learning Week 2.docxDownload
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General Links

 High Frequency Words.pdfDownload
 Home Learning Links - Foundation.pdfDownload
 Home Learning Links - Year 1.pdfDownload
 Home Learning Links - Year 2.pdfDownload
 Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words.pdfDownload
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Recommended sites and activities links

*NEW* Classroom Secrets (Kids) Free access to weekly home learning packs 


*NEW*  RWInc Phonics lessons: RWInc are leading daily phonics lessons via their YouTube channel. Set 1 sounds 9.30am, set 2 sounds 10am, set 3 sounds 10.30am. If you are unsure which set of sounds your child is working on, please email their class


*NEW*  Go Noodle : Family fun exercise routines to keep you active.


*NEW*  In these unprecedented times the Youth Sport Trust want to be able to support schools, teachers, parents and carers in understanding the importance of continuing with Physical Education (PE) whilst children and young people are inevitably going to be schooled in the home environment. 


*NEW*  Our one-to-one maths programmes take place online with tutor support, but central to the learning experience are the teaching resources we provide for all classes and pupils at primary school, not just those who require the one-to-one tuition. 


TTS have created a curriculum-focused independent learning resource with over 40 home learning activities all planned and all prepared. With a combination of independent and collaborative learning activities, the home learning books provide a great opportunity for parents to learn with their children. 


The Reading Realm: There are some downloadable packs with English curriculum ideas and tasks for your child to access. These can be printed or discussed from the screen. 


Numbots: Do not forget that you can access the Numbots site for maths. Usernames and passwords were shared with all children. 


Classroom Secrets (Kids) Free access to online learning platform. 


Classroom Secrets - Free downloadable learning packs for each year group. It will download a folder containing a learning pack, guidance and answers and practical ideas. 


Foundation Stage - 15 recommended apps for learning at home. 


Oxford Owl - Free eBook access 


Twinkl - A range of resources to download and access. Please sign up and use the code 'PARENTSTWINKLHELPS'  for a month of free resources, including reading, writing and maths. 


White Rose Maths - Free tutorials and activities for year 1 and 2. More will be added over the next couple of weeks.  


Phonics Play - Phonics games and activities. Username: march20 Password: home


BBC Super Movers - Keep your children active and learning. Lots of dances linked to multiplications, number facts and punctuation. Your children are familiar with these as they are used to keep children active in school.


Premier Sports - Premier Sport have created an active learning platform for children to stay active whilst at home.