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Challenge - our value for the half term

4 March 2019 (by Jamie Ainscow (mrainscow))

During Spring 2 we will be focusing on our Heronshaw Value of Challenge.

Mr Ainscow introduced the 'Challenge' value in the assembly and encouraged the children to think about the things that they find tricky. Some of the children were invited to come out to the front to challenge themselves to bounce the basketball as many times as they could or to do the hula.

Mrs Savage was a whizz with basketball too (bouncing it 48 times). Mrs Savage said that she is sure that she could have bounced it 100 times. Mrs Bloxham shpwed us her hula-hooping skills. Well done to both of them!

The children have all been asked to challenge themselves at home. If your child tries a challenge then please bring in a photo that we could share. Alternatively you could add the photo to our school Twitter feed with #HeronshawChallenges