Christmas Jumper Day Raised Great Total

On Friday 11th December the children and staff wore Christmas jumpers, sweaters and other Christmassy clothes to help raise money for a good cause, Save the Children. This year you all helped to raise £202.07 Thank you everybody for your support. You can read more about Save the Children here.


Year 2 pupil earns a Blue Peter badge

We are very proud of Isabella in Year 2 for earning herself a Blue Peter badge. Isabella was proudly wearing her badge in school this week and then brought in her letter from Blue Peter to share. Mr Ainscow showed them in the Friday celebration assembly that was broadcast onto our YouTube channel. Blue Peter…


Year 1 winter treats

Year 1 enjoyed a Festive Friday treat with a hot chocolate, a biscuit and a short Christmas movie.


Fiery art in Year 2

The children in Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London. 1666 was a devastating year for the city, with wooden buildings burning across London. This week the children used tissue paper, cellophane and glue to create vivid backgrounds of yellow, orange and red. Once their backgrounds have been completed they used…


Home learning

Mrs Ravilious’ Kitten Lulu likes to be the star of the show in the phonics sessions and helps Mrs Ravilious by jumping on the sounds and mixing them up! How helpful! Mrs Ravilious says “It’s lovely to still have a connection with the children and to be a big part of their learning. They love…

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Gorillas perform a song about history

Mrs Savage and the Gorillas class were truly amazing when they performed a song about the Great Fire of London. Mr Ainscow was invited to come along and enjoy their performance. The Gorillas class learnt the lyrics and even performed some actions alongside the song. In the Friday celebration assembly, Mr Ainscow talked about what…

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Year 2 Popcorn treat!

The year 2’s watched Stick Man which they have been working on in English over the past couple of weeks.  They enjoyed a bit of freshly made popcorn as a treat.  A fun day was had by all!


Children-in-Need 2020

Thank you to all of the children and families for donating money this year. Our grand total was £201.56 The money will work its way to children across the country who are very much in need. We are very grateful for your support, especially at the end of what has been a challenging year for…


Mrs Savage working from home.

Mrs Savage has enjoyed her zoom sessions from home and finding a new use for her ironing board! She enjoyed interacting with the children and seeing all their lovely smiles each day made isolating so much easier. Snuggling up at storytime and seeing everyone’s teddy bears was a lovely way to end each day. Although…


Mrs Nichols’ home learning

Mrs Nichols has been teaching maths through the medium of song. Everyone at Heronshaw knows Mrs Nichols loves a sing song and with added props. What could be more fun? She printed, laminated, ‘borrowed from her children’ and rehearsed until she was hoarse just to make sure she was ready to sing some number songs…