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Contacting the governing body:


If you wish to make contact with Danielle Chapman, Chair of Governors please do so by sending a letter in a sealed envelope marked for her attention via the Heronshaw school office.

Alternatively, speak to Penny Giraudeau regarding standardised Goverance information for IFtL. 

During the autumn term 2019, Danielle Chapman was elected as the new Chair of Governors. 


On behalf of the Governing Board and all Staff of Heronshaw School, I want to welcome you and your child to our School.

I have been a Governor here at Heronshaw for nearly 4 years as a Governor, vice-Chair and now as Chair of Governors. I have 2 children, both of which have been at, or are currently completing their school journey here at Heronshaw. I have always been very impressed at the progress my children have made over their 3 years at Heronshaw and the exceptionally good start this has given them in their academic lives.  I am very proud of the school, the dedication, enthusiasm and commitment of the staff to continue the development of all children and ensure that a warm and welcoming atmosphere is experienced by all who attend or visit Heronshaw.

I was involved as a Governor during the academy conversion and the conversion has been a very positive move as we are seeing increased cost savings, access to other learning and teaching resources as well as more support and ability to benchmark our performance against other sister schools. 

The Governing Boards role with the Executive Head and Head of School is to ensure that Heronshaw continues to provide an outstanding education to all our children. Part of being an Outstanding school is having an active and involved Governing Board and we are always keen to welcome new members or provide more detail about what we do. If you would like to know more about being a member of the Governing Board please ask at reception as we are very keen to bring new members on board. 

The Governing Board and every member of Staff are very proud of Heronshaw and the excellent education that we provide for your children, every child matters to us and our aim is for every child to achieve their full potential. We hope that you will support us as your child begins their educational journey into Heronshaw life and that you will be able to share with us some of the many exciting adventures your child will undertake.

We pride ourselves on our open and friendly approach and hope that you will always feel comfortable talking and engaging with us. We always like to hear from parents on how their child is progressing and enjoying life within our School community, likewise if you think we can improve anything at the School or for your child please talk to a member of staff.


I look forward to meeting you and want to wish you and your child every success at Heronshaw School.


Ms Danielle Chapman, Chair of Governing Body


Would you like to join our governing body? 

We need new governors and parents governors to join our team. Please speak to either Jamie Ainscow, Head of School or one of the school governors if you are interested to now more.


 More about us

Ms Danielle Chapman
Chair of Heronshaw School Governing Body.
I am a parent governor and joined the Board a few years ago.  My son attends Heronshaw.  I am delighted to be supporting the team at Heronshaw and assisting with the ongoing dedicated work that they are delivering. Outside of Heronshaw I have 15 years’ worth of Regulatory and Political risk analysis and now work locally within a local law firm. My interests are Memetics, Horse Riding and Salsa Dancing.


Ms. Davine Ngani-Oketch
I am an elected parent governor since 23 September 2016. My son is currently in year 2 at Heronshaw and my daughter who is in high school also attended Heronshaw.  I am an Advocate in Kenya and a Solicitor in England & Wales specialising in commercial law. My day job involves advising on projects including commercial aspects of school status conversions. I look forward to serving as a governor for the next four years and to being part of an excellent team of staff, parents and other governors that work hard to ensure that every child in the school achieves their full potential. I also hope to see Heronshaw, already an outstanding school, continue to maintain its very high standards and to grow in all aspects.


Mr Jamie Ainscow
I am Heronshaw's Head of School. I have been at Heronshaw School since September 2015 and have led in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. During my ten years teaching overseas in the Netherlands I sat on the organisation's 'works council' as Vice Chair. At Heronshaw, I have responsibility for the pastoral aspects across the school such as behaviour, pupil support and the celebration of our values. I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and also lead the Safeguarding Strategy Group for the IFtL academy trust.


Mrs Gemma Langford
Teacher governor


Dr Emmanuela Tilley
New governor - joined in 2018. (Bio to follow).


Mrs Mihaela Tutui Oprisan
Parent governor - joined in 2018. (Bio to follow).


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