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Heronshaw School
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Telephone: 01908 608380

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For all enquiries contact Mrs Smith our Office Manager on 01908 608380

Our Pupil Support Lead (and SENCO) is Miss Boothroyd. You can contact our SENCO through the school office. Alternatively you can email directly to 


Contacting staff


We continue to operate an open-door policy and are always happy to discuss any concerns you have on a daily basis, so please feel free to come in and talk to teachers and all staff. We want to make your child’s schooling a positive experience.

We also offer teachers' school email address to any parents, this is to support you in communication with the school. As I am sure you are aware teachers are very busy with the children on a daily basis, so please allow a couple of days for a reply, any urgent concerns, please email the office or speak with the class teacher directly.

            Staff Member                                  Role                                       Email 

Mrs Melanie Saunders-Short             Executive Headteacher 

Mr Jamie Ainscow                             Head of School              

Mrs Jessica Elford                             Assistant Headteacher  

Madeleine Boothroyd                        Assistant Headteacher   

Mrs Jennie Smith                               Office Manager             

Mrs Penny Meehan                            School/Parent Liaison Officer


Mrs Nicole Zastron                            Class teacher              

Mrs Gemma Langford                       Class teacher               

Miss Natalie Guntrip                          Class teacher              

Mrs Emma Ravilious                             Class teacher                 

Mrs Kate Nicholls                               Class teacher               

Mrs Alex Champion                           Class teacher               

Mrs Momtaz Begum                          Class teacher                

Mr Bas Ainscow                                 Class teacher               

Miss Chloe Wilson                             Class teacher               

Mr Lance Kane                                  Class teacher               


Mrs Madeleine Boothroyd                 Pupil Support Lead (SENDco)


Mr Marc Parker-Lynn                        Caretaker