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Heronshaw School

Year 1


Year 1 consists of 3 classes Pandas, Leopards and Tigers. The year 1 team is currently Ms Fleming (currently covered by Mrs Langford and Mrs Savage), Mrs Begum, Mr B Ainscow and Mrs Elford. The Year 1 classes are supported by  Mrs Rozzier and Mrs Funnell.

Year 1 is the part of Key Stage 1 and builds on the strong starting points of our Foundation Stage. Children in year 1 learn through more structured lessons with less free play but still many opportunities for practical learning. This stage consists of three core subjects mathematics, English and science together with computing and the foundation subjects of geography, history, design technology, art, music and physical education. Phonics, 'book talk' and handwriting are part of daily life here at Heronshaw school too.

Children in Key Stage 1 are taught non-core subjects with a focus on clear progression of skills. Each subject areas aims to build on previously taught skills and subject content with a focus on deepening vocabulary. During these years of school life, children are encouraged to learn both practically and academically and all work is monitored to ensure that students are making the desired progress. We encourage children to take pride in their achievements and adopt an independent and self-reliant approach to school and particular attention is given to the social and emotional development of all children.


In Year 1 all children are assessed formally in the summer term (Due to coronavirus all statutory testing has been cancelled for spring 2020)) when they do their Phonics Screening check. This is statutory test. During the spring term there will be a parent information meeting to discuss how the children prepare for this test and how we support children. (A report will come out in the spring term 2020 instead of parent meetings).


Last update: 2020-03-26