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VE Day

Posted: May 5, 2020 by: Alex Champion (mrschampion) on: Foundation Blog

Dear Bears 

This Friday is a very special day it is VE day or Victory in Europe day. 75 years ago our country was at war and on Friday (75 years ago) that war was over. Below is a picture of Winston Churchill the prime minister at the time. He is waving to crowds of very happy people in London.

Our government ( the people in charge of our country) decided to have a Bank Holiday on Friday so that we could all celebrate. I will be taking time out of my day to remember all the brave men and women including my Grandad who were a vital part of that victory.

Just like today the people of Britain joined together to defeat a common enemy. 

Churchill waves to crowds.jpg

Enjoy your week.

Sending you all lots of love

Mrs C


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