Amazing Africa

Year 2 came together to celebrate the success for the end of their project Amazing Africa last week! What a spectacle it was!

The children have been completely immersed in their learning this half term, developing their knowledge and skills by journeying south from the UK to “Amazing Africa!” Delving into the land of the lion the children visited Whipsnade Zoo to learn about a variety of African animals.

Taking this knowledge back into the classroom our geographers have been learning about the diverse climate of Africa; from the tropical Congo rainforest to the arid planes of the savannah. As scientists we have further researched the natural habitats of African animals; with our children applying this knowledge by busily making diorama habitats. As artists the children have discovered the wondrous artwork and patterns of African clothing, with the vibrant colours inspiring our children to design and make their own African clothing prints ready for their Amazing Africa showcase! Our musicians have been practicing their singing of African songs, learning the rhythm, pulse and patterns of African music to make their own Djembe drums, celebrating the distinctive music at the centre of Africa’s beating heart.

The showcase was a wonderful opportunity for the children to invite their grown ups in to share their successes; seeing their habitat dioramas, and watching on the big screen the children’s fantastic efforts as they danced and sang along to different African songs.

We do hope you all enjoyed this marvelous event!