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Live lessons for Foundation via Zoom  - December 2020

My son has had 2 busy days playing & learning with Mummy.He absolutely loved Miss Wilson’s phonics session today, running around collecting items beginning with different letters and it made his day when she mentioned his name!Thank you again for all the zoom sessions, they are fab!

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Thank you for the zoom sessions, my son is really enjoying them & I know how much time & effort goes into them! We really appreciate it.

Live lessons via Zoom - November 2020

My son goes to Leopard class and he is currently isolating. I just want to say how impressed I’m with zoom lessons. I’m working while my son does his lessons and it makes working from home so much easier. From what I catch it’s just perfect and makes kids to feel it’s almost the same as they would be in the school. Kids just love it especially when their teacher Mrs Ravilious does them! She is such an amazing teacher and you should be proud she is part of your team. Thank you!!!

National Thank A Teacher Day - May 2020

Mrs Champion and Mrs Pearce and Miss Wilson are all kind, caring, reassuring and calm. They work with my son and I know he can be a hand full with out 30 other children. They all reassure mummy that he’s doing ok and are patient with him and his temper. I’m very grateful for his teachers not just in class but through out the school. Miss Elford, Mrs Bruce, Mrs Boothroyd are some others that work so hard to ensure it’s a happy calm environment for him. Thank you