Parental Feedback


Feedback from parents is always extremely valued here at Heronshaw School. We use feedback from a variety of forums to look at ways of evaluating our work and making future improvements.


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June 2017 - A thank you email about our Year 2 teacher, Miss Barnaby.

I’m sending this email as I wanted to provide some positive feedback on Miss Barnaby and also my experience of your school and your great team!

My son joined the school in September 2016. Miss Barnaby was really welcoming to him; helped him to settle in and make friends in the class. She really got to know him well (his strengths and his challenges!) within a short space of time and overall, he settled in really well in his first term.

Miss Barnaby was really helpful. She listened, empathised and talked to me about options that might help him. She made a point of letting me know her door is always open and she genuinely makes you feel that is the case. One evening during the week of SATS, I emailed her to let her know how anxious my son had become about something, just to make sure she was aware for the following day. I had not expected an immediate reply, but I got one with some helpful context and it enabled me to talk him through his concerns and reassure him. As a result he went into school the next day in a really positive frame of mind. I can’t tell you how helpful that was! Miss Barnaby has been really proactive in supporting me.

There is no doubt in my mind that his progress (and more importantly, sense of happiness at school) this year has been due to her great support. Overall I’ve found all my interactions with the staff at school demonstrate how caring and nurturing the environment is, so I just wanted to say thank you! As a parent, it means the world!

I’m quite sad that he’s leaving this year, but my daughter is joining you in September so I’m excited to see how she gets on. She’s already really excited after a positive first visit last week!

Happy for you to share this with Miss Barnaby and anyone else in the team.



Here are some comments from the end of year reports in summer 2016.


"Amazing report, so very proud of how far my child has come, and want to thank the teacher and teaching assistant for all of their help and guidance over the year".


"Thank you for giving her such a fantastic year 1".


"We are extremely pleased with her progress. We have seen her grow so much in confidence, and thanks to her teacher and co. our daughter is enthusiastic and eager to learn".


"Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, time and support".


"He has loved being a giraffe this year and I know that Heronshaw has given him an excellent start to his education".


"Thank you for your hard work. Great teaching staff".


"Thank you to all the staff that have taken part in her education this past year. She has had an amazing start to full time-school and has thrived and enjoyed every moment. A great report that reflects the effort that you have all put in".