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English is taught from Foundation through to year 2 here at Heronshaw School. In 2017 the school was awarded the Literacy Mark for Excellence. Mrs Bramwell is responsible for English here at school.


During the school year there are opportunities made available for parents and carers to come in to find out more about the English curriculum. We offer workshops, presentations and sessions in class where we show literacy 'in action'. If you are unable to attend the sessions, do not worry. Information shared is uploaded onto this web page.


At Heronshaw School we have a key text each term. We explore the text in depth and aim to teach most literacy skills through the text. This provides a rich and stimulating purpose for the children.

We pride ourselves on making learning at Heronshaw fun and engaging. We have a big focus on introducing learning through a 'hook' (an exciting way to capture children's interest), event or stimulus.

Some 'hooks' so far have been…

  • The Evil Pea Crime Scene
  • Going on an actual bear hunt
  • Dragons landing in our classroom
  • A dinosaur visiting

English Curriculum Documents

 Literacy Long Term Plan Foundation Stage.pdfDownload
 Heronshaw School Literacy Overview Year 1.pdfDownload
 Heronshaw School Literacy Overview Year 2.pdfDownload
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Additional ideas and resources to use at home

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Literacy Apps

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